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Student Motivation Specialist, Speaker, Inspirer, Life Coach
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of experience as a student motivation specialist

Jabir Sidheek has dedicated years to empowering students to reach their fullest potential. His expertise lies in motivating and guiding students towards success.

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Dedicated to Student Success

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Satisfied Students


Jabir Sidheek's dedication has earned him the trust and satisfaction of thousands of students who have benefitted from his motivational training programs.

Successful Programs


With over a thousand successful training programs conducted, Jabir Sidheek continues to make a positive impact in the lives of students worldwide.

Skills & Milestones

Jabir Sidheek possesses exceptional skills and remarkable achievements in motivating and guiding students towards success.


Motivational Speaking
Problem Solving
Leading projects of My Class Room Dubai

Projects in Lakshadweep Islands, Under the Muslim Jamaat

Training projects of Success Path

Projects for Rohingya Refugees by Me and You Foundation

7th September 2011: Train Accident and 3 months in hospital

6th December 2011: Discharged from hospital and 6 months bed rest at home

5th July 2012: Started walking using sticks

21st January 2013: First training as an infotainment trainer

By the end of 2014: Completed 100 live training programs

By the end of 2016: Completed 500 live training programs

Training Programs

Staff Training

Tailored Programs
Equip your workforce with essential skills and knowledge to boost productivity and ensure organizational success.

Student Training

Interactive Learning
Empower students with essential skills and knowledge to excel academically and personally in a rapidly evolving world.

Parenting Classes

Enriching Workshops
Discover practical guidance and heartfelt insights to raise happy, confident kids and strengthen family bonds.

Sales Training

Boost Revenue
Elevate your sales game with advanced techniques, ethical selling principles, and lasting success strategies.
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Jabir Sidheek

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